At Chilean, it’s our passion to celebrate and share the country’s hidden treasures with you.

Experience True Chilean Quality Ingredients

At Chilean, we are devoted to showcasing the best that Chile has to offer from Santiago to Valparaiso. Working closely with skilled chefs, we carefully select small-batch, artisanal products from local producers who meet our strict standards for flavor, health, and sustainability.Our collection of sustainably caught seafood and specialty items will inspire your next culinary adventure and bring a taste of Chile to your table.

Our Curated Collections

Chilean Seabass

Our long-line caught Chilean Sea Bass, orPatagonian Toothfish, is a rare and delicious culinary delight, highly sought after for its exceptional taste, texture, and fat content. This premium seabass is sourced from the frigid waters of the southernmost coast of South America near the Chilean portion of Tierra del Fuego and is sustainably caught using long-line methods that avoid the use of traditional trawling nets. The deep, cold-water environment in which it is caught ensures optimal taste and quality, making it an excellent choice for upscale dining experiences.

Chilean King Crab

Found in the deepest waters of the southernmost coast of Chile, the wild-caught Chilean King Crab is one of the largest caught crabs in the world. Its brilliant red exterior, sweet, briny flavor, and tender texture make for a truly memorable tasting experience. Sourced from the pristine waters of South America, this exceptional crustacean is known for its exceptional quality and flavor, making it a prized delicacy among seafood lovers. In addition to its culinary appeal, the Chilean King Crab is also sustainably caught, ensuring that it can be enjoyed for years

Bring the Authentic Flavors of Chile to Your Customers

Our premium collection of Chilean food and ingredients is designed to elevate the menus of restaurants, hospitality groups, and specialty markets. Discover how the WorldClass food service portfolio can help you stand out and provide a memorable dining experience for your customers.